Louisiana Land Title Association works to protect the land title industry in Louisiana.  LLTA stands by its members to offer high-quality education, networking opportunities, and legislative advocacy.  Since its formation in 1955, we stand for the highest principles of professionalism and consumer protection, advocating for the safe and efficient transfer of real property.  A home is likely the largest investment any individual will make in his or her lifetime, and by ensuring accurate searches, promoting fair and professional closings, and supporting important insurance coverages, LLTA protects Louisiana consumers . . . and the American Dream.

The objectives and purposes of the Louisiana Land Title Association are to:

  • Promote the general welfare of the land title industry.
  • Promote the safe and efficient transfer of ownership of, and interests in, real property within the free enterprise system.
  • Provide information and education to consumers; to those who regulate, supervise, or enact legislation affecting the land title industry; and to its members.
  • Maintain liaison with users of the products and services provided by its members and with government.
  • Fairly represent all interests of the membership without bias or prejudice to personal or group interest and to achieve continuity of purpose in the highest standards and ethics of the land title industry.

Louisiana Land Title Association, Post Office Box 14806, Baton Rouge, LA 70898 ~ Phone:  225-291-2806

Some of the photographs used on this site were created by Randy Roussel, a long time member of LLTA.

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